A great man of faith

My father My father My father as I fondly call him

My Christian foundation
A great man of faith
A great man of God  A great man of compassion  A great man of love
You taught me to give all I have to God
You taught me to read the bible completely at young age of 10
You taught me to be generous and to give my money to the work of God
You told me nothing is too big or too much to give to God
You taught me to help the needy and those that are less privileged.
You fed thousands of people daily in lagos Nigeria for free for many years
You provided free health care to the less privileged for over a decade
You paid Salaries to many Men of God to work in their own ministries for many years
You never spared your children in the things of God
You told me even if you don’t give us money, the greatest legacy you could give us is God.
Thank you daddy; I am constantly in tears because no one can replace you in our lives.
In spite of all your achievements, wealth and riches, you served God till the very end.
Pls help me salute a general of generals in the Kingdom of God.
Rev Dr Abiodun Ajibade Edwards
Former chairman/founder Hillcrest merchant bank turned global bank and turned Intercontinental bank.
Former Director at the Nigerian Ministry of Industry
Former Special Adviser to two past President of Nigeria
Former Chairman/ founder Rainbow finance Bank
Former chairman/ founder of Covenant Hospital
Former chairman/ founder of Covenant free food
Former chairman/ founder of global merchant bank
Former chairman/founder of Goodyear tires West Africa
Former chairman/ founder of Dams bakery
Former chairman/ founder of Fem Concrete & Construction
General Overseer Hope Eternal ministry worldwide
Great Radio/ Tv Evangelist o f the 80’s & 90’s
General overseer of Voice of Comfort Ministries Worldwide
I have to stop now because, Daddy your achievements are just too many, I just can’t list them all.
Can’t still believe it
It seems you just relocated to another country
Pastor Elizabeth Smith

Pastor Elizabeth Smith