You are my Unconditional Love

Daddy you were the very first man I opened my eyes to see,  Daddy you were the very first man that showed me unconditional love,
Daddy you whispered in my ears sounds of assurance,
Daddy you told me I could conquer the world,
Daddy you gave me unparalleled confidence to fight on,
Daddy you modeled to me how to love and live,
Daddy, you taught me how to drive a car but it was only a seed that birth an unstoppable drive in life,
Daddy, you protected me against predators,
Daddy, you gave me a bible and a microphone and told me I will be heard if I don’t quit,
Daddy your striking words ring in my heart no matter how loud the world and its challenges gets,
Daddy you taught me how to write by compelling me to summarize the entire Bible from the age of 8,
Daddy you did not withhold discipline when I almost drifted,
Daddy, you were so proud of me with shoulders high, and you were not ashamed to show the world,
Daddy, you ran with haste and pushed me to glaring opportunities even when I was blind to them,
Daddy, your last words to me was “I love you, ok?”, just like you said after every conversation or phone call as soon as I could talk,
Daddy, the moment you left, it seemed my hopes were dashed, seemed like my heart crushed, it seemed like my hopes were lost, it seemed my love vapored but I remembered your words and I knew you left the earthly realms and now you are in the realms of glory waiting for me,
Daddy, I will keep running like you taught me to,
Daddy, I promise to stay on track and finish my course just like you did,
Daddy, I will tell your story to the world, I will tell it to my children’s children of your ruggedness, perseverance, love, strength, passion, patience, gratitude, diligence, contentment, godliness, vision, foresight, grace, kindness, prayerfulness, discipline among many virtues.
Daddy, I will tell the world that I was privileged to be fathered by a man with a golden heart.
I have been fathered with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
I cannot pay you with diamonds or gold nor can I buy you expensive jewelry, but what I have to give is to do what I watched you do! To pass on your legacy from generation to generation. I will pour out a portion of the love you gave me to everyone I meet, I will bind broken hearts like you did, I will feed the hungry like I watched you do, I will walk in your footsteps, following you because you fought, you won, you conquered.

Sleep on daddy! You made it!
See you at the feet of Christ. With all my love!

Pastor Rebecca Bible-Davids
Your Proud Daughter

Pastor Rebecca Bible-Davids