Why did you leave so soon, my soulmate?

I have searched to find the words to explain the depth of my hurt, void and pain, there is none. I have cried till I can’t cry no more. Where do I turn, to whom do I go? A million and one questions flood my heart. The future seems bleak and uncertain without you by my side, but I hold on to God. I remember that rainy day I met you 5 decades ago, it seemed like yesterday. The moment we set our eyes on each other that fateful day, you were certain that you had found your missing rib, me, your wife, your pride Aderonke. All I have now is memories of the life we spent together.
I remember the life we shared, we cried together, we laughed together, we prayed together, we comforted one another, we bore each others pain.

I remember yours words, your songs.
I remember your courage in the midst of glaring adversity and threatening situations.
I remember your words of faith when the enemy was throwing arrows of fear.
I remember your ruggedness and hopeful confidence when we were newly weds and we both slept on bare cemented floors.
I remember your urgency to live out your dreams, you never procrastinated.
I remember your passion towards the work of God, you fasted close to half of the year many times, your sacrifices, your giving and your commitment, you always put God first.
I remember your sleepless night, you prayed all night, going room to room laying hands and anointing all the children, no wonder they all turned out preachers.
I remember you told me, I am your greatest gift and your biggest blessing.
I remember you never complained about anything, you were always grateful saying Thank you Jesus.
I still can’t believe you are gone. It all seems like a dream!
I know we will meet to part no more at Jesus feet. I remember your last words when you told me to remember to run my race.

Abiodun, Edward, Ajibade Fapohunda – My husband, my confidence, my pride, my covering, my friend, my mentor,
my love and my partner in ministry. You have left the biggest void that cannot be filled by any human. I will miss you
every single day till we meet to part no more.
With excruciating pain and tears,
I say to you, Good night, see you in the morning.
Reverend Charlotte Aderonke Fapohunda
(Wife )

Reverend Charlotte Aderonke Fapohunda (Wife )